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VTBIRD Tilt Rotor kits + Power Combo

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VTOL VTBIRD User Manual 

Download User Manual Here: Updated on 12 Aug.2021

 Finwinghobby VTBIRD VTOL User Manual for Tilt Rotor and 4+1


VTOL Firmware Download :



VTOL Both 4+1 and Tilt Rotor Parameter Download 

updating on 1/12 2020

VTBIRD VTOL Parameter and Configurations 20201201


Import Note about shipping( must read before order)

Packing size: 87*27*54CM (Gross weight 5.0-6.0kg) but Volume weight upto 22kg

Don't choose Postal Airmail: this is absolutely unacceptable to ship by Postal Airmail, 

Don't choose EMS:  EMS rejected recently the new rules is packing size must be less than 60.0CM

EU please choose UPS Railway Mail if you can see UPS railway mail, if not it means can't ship to you country

North America please choose UPS Sea shipping if you can see UPS Sea shipping, if not it means can't ship to you country

Australia please choose UPS Sea shipping if you can see UPS Sea shipping, if not it means can't ship to you country

South Korea please choose Korea direct mail, this is very fast(3-5 days Arrived) and cheaper !  please leave message to tell us you ID number or company ID for customs clearnace 

South East Asia please choose my own forwarder direct mail if you have get in touch with local direct mail service, we will send the package to the forwarder's warehouse in china then they will contact you and buyer pay shipping cost to them directly. if you don't know where to find the loal direct mail service please email to us, we will tell you the contact informations. don't forget to leave message to tell us your forwarder's china warehouse in chinese 


Professional VTOL UAV Aircraft for: 







*Forest,River and Boarder Partrol 

Finwing VTBIRD VTOL Specifications: 


WingSpan: 1600MM (63 inch)


Length: 1300MM (51 inch) 


WingArea: 40 SqDM 


Material: EPO Airframe, Carbon Fiber and lots of 3K Carbon Fiber Spars and  CNC Aluminium Alloy VTOL Parts

Kit weight: 1.05kg (including VTOL 3K Arm but not including VTOL CNC parts)

Flight time: 1-2 hours

Flight range: 90-120KM (testing proved) 


VTOL Frame Tilt Rotor AUW: 4.5kg-6.0kg (Max. 6.0kg)
VTOL Frame  4+1 AUW: 4.5kg-5.5kg (Max. 5.5kg)
Payload: 0.4kg-0.8kg
Why TiltRotor Max, upto 6.0kg, 4+1 is 5.5kg ? it's nothing to do with Airplane but becuase of the Propeller,  Tilt Rotor can use 14" 15" propellers but 4+1 can only use 12" propellers, becuase space limited by the pusher propellers, can't use bigger propellers, except you can find a motor which can support enough thrust by 12" propellers. 
( we have figured out new solutions upgraded 4+1 to bigger propeller, VTOL 13" and pusher 14" )  
if you ask me which one recommend? 4+1 or Tilt Rotor?
Firstly please refer to my Endurance testing conclusions perhaps you will learn more after reading 
#Air frame weight of 4+1 and Tilt Rotor is almost the same after finally building finished,
#Tilt Rotor looks complex becuase have to add two Tilt gears but actually easy to adjust, we will have video to introduce how to adjust the Tilt servo angle properly 
#Tilt Rotor can use bigger props Max. flight weight should be a little more than 4+1
Finally depends on what you want and what's for target?  if you are want to a VTOL platform to practice, testing flight controller, fun to fly and VTOL beginner is indeed good to choose 4+1. but if you want to fly heavier with more playload capability then Tilt Rotor would be better. 
Aileron and Elevator servo: 


ESC for VTOL 4 Motors: 
4PCS  40A 2-6S Customized 300mm 16AWG power wires
BEC: 5-6V 6A
Pusher ESC: 60A (OPTO)
What is VTBIRD VTOL Frame Tilt Rotor kits including?
*Plane Airframe Kits
*Tilt Rotor CNC parts and 3K Arms. 
*No need user to DIY building, just in stalling Electronics
 NO Electronic parts
 Landing gear show by the photos not included
What is VTBIRD VTOL Tilt Rotor kits+ Power combo instead of complete PNP!
Power combo including folllowing electronic devices:
1> 2PCS Brushless Motor 3515 KV 400
2> 2PCS Brushless  Motor X4112S  KV 400
3> 4PCS  ESC 40A 2-6S Customized 300mm 16AWG Power wires
4> 3PCS 23g Digital metal gaer servos for Aileron and Elevator
5> 2PCS 25kg Digital Full Steel  for Tilt Rotor Servo 
6> Eolo 1555 Propeller 1PCS CW+1PCS CCW
7> Wooden 1580 Propeller 1PCS CW+1PCS CCW(newly added) 
8> Extra extension wire 1.92M and Metal 3.5 bullet 
What else you will need for a complete power system ?  
#2. Battery 6S 16000-25000mash
#3. flgiht controller, reomote controller and other device you will need to learn and buying youself 


Landing gear show by the photos not included it's 3D Print landing gear,  you can download the 3D print file here to print it your self or buy it separately.  Reminder: setting "Filling rate" at 20%.

Download 3D print file Here

3D Print introductions(read me before Print)


VTBIRD is a 4 in 1  Versatile vehicle both for Fixed wing and VTOL Quad-plane. It was designed for  FPV . Professional VTOL UAV Aircraft for Air Mapping, Surveying, Rescue and  Air Partrol. the best portable and simplified Design to meet both traditional planes and Quad-planes, Possibility of lowest cost investment and less weight added to the plane compared with existing other vehicles if you want to Own a VTOL. 

 VTBIRD VTOL Flight Video: 

VTOL Tilt Rotor 112km Range The first time Endurance testing
VTBIRD VTOL Tilt Rotor Endurance testing and Configurations
if Tilt Rotor want to fly upto 6.0kg, it's better use Propeller Front 1580 , Rear 1655


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